Sweet Cheeks Glucose Gel

Neonatal glucose gel designed just for babies. Hello Sweet Cheeks.

Finally, a 40% glucose gel made just for babies. The graduated oral syringe and viscous gel make Sweet Cheeks convenient and easy to apply.

Save time, save money, keep moms and babies together.

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Simple Neonatal Glucose Gel Formula with Baby Friendly Ingredients

Sweetcheeks glucose gel bpa free

BPA-free, DEHP-free, not made with rubber latex

Sweetcheeks glucose gel no artificial color

No artificial colors or flavors; no parabens or xanthan gum

Sweetcheeks glucose gel only 7 ingredients

Only seven natural ingredients

Sweetcheeks glucose gel made with organic ingredients

Made with certified organic glucose and glycerin

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Sweet Cheeks Neonatal Glucose Gel Information Sheet

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Keeping babies in the sweet spot of their parent’s arms

Dandle•LION is pleased to announce Sweet Cheeks, a 40% glucose gel, made just for babies and designed for clinical convenience. The single-use graduated oral syringe provides controlled administration for all infants, regardless of size. The viscosity of the gel helps it stay on your finger for easy application. Sweet Cheeks… helping you to keep babies in the arms of their parents!

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